​​​​Qualtrics is a survey development and distribution platform that allows us as researchers to better do research. Unfortunately we do not use Qualtrics to the capacity that we can. There is much more to Qualtrics and survey building than we actually use. To better the research that we conduct, this page is devoted to helping you, as a scholar, better use your resources and to make life easier for you. This page will help you navigate the basics of the Qualtrics platform by providing links to the Qualtrics website, training videos, and books, all provided by Qualtrics.

Getting Started
BYU has an academic account with Qualtrics that provides you with free access to Qualtrics. If you do not already have an account set up with Qualtrics, you will need to set one up by clicking here and using a BYU email address that ends in @byu.net. If you do not have one of those, you will need to use the BYU email alias manager and set one up.
Some training videos can be found under the Qualtrics Tutorials section here​

Free eBooks
Listed hereafter are free eBooks provided by Qualtrics that outline how to use the Qualtrics platform, market research, designing a study, building a survey, and analyzing your results.
  • How To: A Guide to Using Qualtrics Research Suite is your first step to learning the basics of Qualtrics Research Suite. This 15-page eBook is perfect for any level of research experience and will help you quickly learn the ins and outs of this great research platform. PDF Download
  • Qualtrics Survey Software will take you through all the different areas of the Qualtrics Survey Research Suite. You will be guided through each tab of the tool learning the different tasks and features on a step-by-step basis. PDF Download
  • Basic Marketing Research Volume 1: Designing Your Study will not only introduce you to marketing research, but show you how to focus your research design, find secondary sources of information, conduct interviews through personal, telephone, mail, and Internet based surveys and interviews. Using clear, easy-to-understand language, you will gain a well-seasoned understanding of the basics of marketing research. PDF Download
  • Basic Marketing Research Volume 2: Building Your Survey will give you the foundation you need to write effective questions and build a great survey. In it you’ll learn the fundamentals of an effective question, you’ll be introduced to 50 scales for measuring concepts such as satisfaction and expectation, and you’ll see a library of survey examples which you are free to incorporate into your own research. PDF Download
  • Basic Marketing Research Volume 3: Analysis and Results introduces you to data analysis, and will serve as a guide in preparing your own quality report. This text provides answers to many questions. How do I pick the correct measurement and scale? How do I write and test hypotheses? How do I select and conduct the right statistical analysis? How do I organize and prepare a research report? PDF Download
  • An Intro to Marketing Research draws its “parentage” from the classic Research for Marketing Decisions by Paul E.Green, Donald S. Tull, and Gerald Albaum, but it is not a revision of that book. Rather, it might best be viewed as a “child” which is targeted to a different audience—primarily senior-level undergraduate and MBA students who are users of Qualtrics.com. PDF Download