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Data Collection

You want to collect your own data? Let us inform you about the resources you have to make this easier!

Most Popular

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace that enables individuals and businesses (known as Requesters) to post tasks (in your case, most likely a survey) for participants (known as Workers) to complete for pay. ​This option is best for small surveys.

Pros: Cheap. You can pay people $0.01 if you so desire.

Cons: You must approve every response. Higher chance of low quality participants.

Cost: Varies. You choose. Cost will change speed of completion. Amazon charges 25% for using their services.

Amazon MTurk​ Tutorials in development

Qualtrics Panel Management ​makes it easy to recruit, engage, and reward your own in-house panel of survey respondents. Qualtrics provides a project manager which alleviates some of your responsibility of checking each response. A well-managed research panel (your participants) gives you quick insights and answers to your questions at a competitive price to similar services. Additionally, you can build rich, deep profiles for each panel member, providing more targeted and personalized research, every time you use your panel. This option may be best for larger surveys.

Pros: You probably are already using Qualtrics to build your survey. They provide a project manager to manage your survey, whom you can contact to discuss the progress and needs of your project.

Cons: Minimum $500, Minimum $5/survey.

Cost: If you are looking to target just the general population, the base rate is $5 per completed survey and increases from there depending on how specific you want to target and the length of the survey​. Minimum $500 per project.

Qualtrics Tutorials in development

Other Options

Survey Monkey Audience allows you to send your survey, built through the Survey Monkey platform, to a panel (your participants), recruited from among the 30+ million individuals who take Survey Monkey surveys every month.

Pros: Cheap. You can pay people $0.01 if you so desire.​

Cons: Most surveys at BYU are done with Qualtrics. You must pay Survey Monkey in order to make a survey with skip logic in it and have more than 100 responses.

Cost: Varies. You choose.​

YouGov Omnibus has developed and manages their own panel with over 1.8 million US residents and over 3 million around the world. Their panelists are fully profiled from household income to health issues to their last major purchase. Their field and tab service allows them to target your specific audience within a general population sample so you only ask your questions to the people you want to survey.​

Pros: Results available within 24 hours Monday through Friday

Cons: More expensive.

Cost: $300 set up fee, $500 dollars per question for a sample size of 1000

Import IO allows you to retrieve data from many different types of webpages and structure it into rows and columns. To learn more, click here.

Pros: Free.

Cons: Not people taking surveys.