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R Workshops

R workshops are designed to guide you through the process of data analysis. Workshop 1 focuses on importing and looking at your data. Workshop 2 focuses on R packages and data manipulation. Workshop 3 is about analyzing and visualizing your data. Please contact us if you are interested in a workshop.

R Workshop 1: Introduction to R

This is directed toward first time R users and focuses on 3 main goals: Becoming familiar with the R interface and its basic functions, importing data, and viewing data within R.

 R Workshop

R Workshop 2: R Packages & Data Manipulation 

After obtaining a basic understanding of how R works, this second workshop introduces R packages and how they can be utilized for effective data manipulation. 

‚ÄčR Workshop

R Workshop 3: Analyzing & Visualizing Data 

After knowing how to manage and manipulate data, the third workshop teaches how to analyze data using common statistical procedures and teaches students how to visualize data in R. 

R Workshop

Video Tutorials: